HECTOR - 1996-2015

We had to say good bye to Hector at the age of 18 years and 5 months old.
Hector never gave up fighting against worsens breathing problems and recent back pain.

Everyone who knows Hector has so many words of expressions or stories you can share with…

- How much we (of course other dogs) loved you!!
- He had this "magnet" of meeting wonderful people wherever you go!!
- You were such a strong boy that never had any major health problems!!
- Amazingly you had a good vision and good hearing all the time!!
- How determined you were when you were working as a sled dog!!
- You were one of the best lead dogs!!
- I hope you will get along with the dog Hercules when you see him up there.
- You always watched behind us like ideal lead dog even we were walking at the dog park!!
- Red color always looked good on you!!
- Canmore dog park was the best place for him!!
- Always so funny to see your "Happy Dance" when we gave you a favorite treats.
- You looked so proud after you took a bath.
- Our daily walk was 3 x longer walk (40-60 minutes each) and quick pee time at lunch time.
- We remember you rushed to our home entrance after the trip from Jasper end up only 1night.
- You only barked when you were really hungry after the dog walk.
- You were VIP walk leader for the 2km race in the valley when you were almost 18!!
- It will be so hard to live without you!!
- How special you were!!

and so much more!...

Can you hear us talking all those things from above?

We all love you Hector and you will always be in our hearts.


Historical Railway Trail

Kettle Valley Rail Trail   - Myra Canyon Trestles -

Okanagan Valley

Single Track Trail (photo by Ryo Kawashima)

Winery Filed along Okanagan Lake

Kelowna and Penticton, British Columbia, Canada